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  1. All clouds seem to be blank now. None of them are working.

  2. Can I create a cloud from content on social media sites?

  3. Can I embed a cloud on Facebook?

  4. Can I embed a cloud on Twitter?

  5. Can I look at a snapshot of all of my clouds at one time, without having to click on each one?

  6. Can I use Infomous on my iPad, iPhone, or smart phone?

  7. Customizing News Channels on the iOS App

  8. Do I need an Infomous account to make Twitter clouds?

  9. Do I need an Infomous account to view clouds?

  10. How can I combine words so that they always appear together in the cloud?

  11. How do I change the width and height of my cloud to fit the area on my page in which I would like to embed it?

  12. How do I close my Infomous account?

  13. How do I drill down on a word and what is its significance?

  14. How do I embed a cloud directly using HTML?

  15. How do I embed a cloud if I am not using HTML or an editor?

  16. How do I embed a cloud using an editor like Front Page?

  17. How do I exit out of a word?

  18. How do I get an Infomous account?

  19. How do I get started creating a cloud?

  20. How do I get the HTML code from a cloud to embed it on my webpage?

  21. How do I know what information to put in the cloud?

  22. How do I make a cloud my favorite?

  23. How do I use Infomous?

  24. How does Infomous work?

  25. How does unchecking “group related words together” affect the look and content of my cloud?

  26. I accidently deleted a cloud, is there any way to get it back?

  27. I deleted a word accidently how do I get it back?

  28. I edited my cloud but I don’t see the changes yet, why is this?

  29. I embedded my cloud on my webpage, it looks good on Infomous but too cluttered on my webpage, how can I fix that?

  30. I saw a cloud with different colors, how do I change the color?

  31. iOS 1.3

  32. Some of the words in my cloud I embedded on my webpage are cut off, how do I fix that?

  33. The word I deleted is still on my cloud, how do I delete it permanently?

  34. What are some general helpful tips & tricks to improve my cloud?

  35. What are the sources that Infomous provides if I search for a particular term or topic?

  36. What do the links (lines) between the words mean?

  37. What do the numbers on the left in the “Your Sources” list stand for?

  38. What does it mean to clone an existing cloud and what does this do?

  39. What does making a cloud private mean?

  40. What does “group related words together” mean?

  41. What does “use description” do?

  42. What is a feed?

  43. What is Infomous?

  44. What is the best use of Infomous clouds?

  45. What is the relevance of the number of words and what happens if I change it?

  46. What kind of Twitter cloud can I create?

  47. When is it appropriate to check the “use description” box?

  48. Where can I find RSS feeds on a website?

  49. Which parts of speech are best to hide?

  50. Why are certain words grouped in the same cluster of bubbles?

  51. Why are some bubbles solitary and not connected to other bubbles?

  52. Why are the words different sizes?

  53. Why did the results come back as zero when I put in a feed in the search box?

  54. Why is there a singular/plural form of a word? Is there any way to change this?

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